Judy Reyes Quotes & Sayings

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8 most famous Judy Reyes quotes and sayings. She's a 56 year old American actress born on Nov 5, 1967.

Judy Reyes Quotes
“As I feel this life growing and moving inside of me, all of a sudden everything else is not as important. There's a level of perspective that is changing.”
Judy Reyes Quotes
“As Latinas, we tend to be overly partial considering stereotypes. I'm interested in being naughty and edgy.”
Judy Reyes Quotes
“Television has been very good to me. I grew up on it, and it had quite an impact on me. I'm entertaining opportunities that are coming my way.”
“For years I exercised to be thinner, and I never got the results I wanted. When I finally started working out to be healthier, I saw a transformation. I've even quit weighing myself so I don't obsess over the numbers.”
“Like everyone, there are times when I just don't feel like exercising. When that happens, I'm a bit more careful with my diet. But on days I really want a treat, like chocolate, I work out a little harder. I don't believe in beating myself up for not being 'good.'”
Judy Reyes Quotes
“My mother was a very hard-working maid, and their stories are worth telling.”
Judy Reyes Quotes
“Something as unique as 'Scrubs' is a tough act to follow. It's hard to find something that good that you want to really make a commitment to.”
Judy Reyes Quotes
“I've never loved spending time on the machines at the gym. But I have discovered an exercise regimen I can dedicate myself to: yoga. It's changed my body.”

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