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Lana Parrilla quotes and sayings page 2 (46 year old actress). These are the last 9 out of 19 quotes we have for her.

“I actually study boxing - my dad was a Golden Gloves champion so I learned how to fight at a very young age. Growing up in Brooklyn you always had to watch your back, so I pretty much learned to protect myself.”
Lana Parrilla Quotes
“I used to be more of a sporty girl. I love outdoor activities. I haven't been doing much since living in Vancouver. I have my routines down in L.A.”
“At 3 years old, I was imitating and doing fun little commercials for the family. Then at 5, I knew, 'OK, this is something I really like.' At 8, I was crying in front of the mirror and my mom was like, 'Oh boy, here we go. We know what she's going to do.'”
“On 'Swingtown,' I think that's when I was able to blend the character-slash-leading lady roles, and that's what I'm doing on 'Once Upon a Time' as well. She's a leading lady, but she's also this character.”
Lana Parrilla Quotes
“I played lots of fantasy games. I would create these worlds, and I would believe in them.”
Lana Parrilla Quotes
“Every little girl wanted to be Natalie Wood, as did I.”
Lana Parrilla Quotes
“When I look back on my career, I go, 'This is really great, I've played so many different women.'”
“Children, a lot of times, can't make their parents wrong because they have to live with them, because they have to love them. And when you're young, you can't get on your Big Wheel and go down to the Best Western. You've got to live there and you've got to figure it out.”
Lana Parrilla Quotes
“I loved 'White Christmas' for the music aspect. I was into musical theater.”

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