Lea Salonga Quotes & Sayings

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30 most famous Lea Salonga quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 53 year old Filipino actress born on Feb 22, 1971.

“The thing about World War II is that everyone knows about the concentration camps in Europe - in Nazi Germany and Poland and Auschwitz and the other camps - but, no one really talks about the camps that were here in the United States.”
“I have a half-brother who is very, very, very gay, many cousins, best friends who are all members of the LGBT community, and for me to not say anything would be hypocritical. There is a lot of prejudice. People think it is abnormal. No, it's just another normal.”
“When I was about 6, my cousin was very active in a Filipino repertory company, doing musicals and plays. Her aunt was one of the founders of the company, and she told my mom that there were these auditions for 'The King and I,' and that they needed kids. I auditioned, got in and the love affair started from there and just kept going.”
Lea Salonga Quotes
“Love your enemies... it's not always an easy tenet to live by... and I have more often than not been inclined to wish my enemies ill than well.”
Lea Salonga Quotes
“I want every Filipino woman empowered with information regarding all options available to her regarding family planning.”
Lea Salonga Quotes
“I play video games a lot... I love to read... I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, who are my most favorite people in the world.”
Lea Salonga Quotes
“I was doing TV work, theatre work, and some film work in the Philippines when I left.”
Lea Salonga Quotes
“It's in your DNA to be a Filipino; how can you just turn your back on it?”
“All the Disney Princess films are iconic and beautiful, so to have been a part of all that was really a wonderful part of my life. It's all fabulous, too, that I have a daughter that appreciates the whole Princess thing.”
“I'm interested in just about anything that's right for my voice, and that's a good fit for my personality in the part as well. 'Evita' has always been a dream part for me, but it's really, really high to sing. I'd love to do Elphaba - heck, I'd even do Glinda. For me, I'd do anything to get into 'Wicked!'”

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