M. John Harrison Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous M. John Harrison quotes and sayings (author).

M. John Harrison Quotes
“Every moment of a science fiction story must represent the triumph of writing over world-building.”
M. John Harrison Quotes
“Writing's like gambling. Unpredictable and sporadic successes make you more addicted, not less.”
M. John Harrison Quotes
“A good ground rule for writing in any genre is, start with a form, then undermine its confidence in itself. Ask what it's afraid of, what it's trying to hide - then write that.”
M. John Harrison Quotes
“I've never been to the Himalayas, and I'm not really interested in them. I'm more interested in a dirty old quarry in Lancashire, and by god, they can be dirty.”
“World-building numbs the reader's ability to fulfill their part of the bargain because it believes that it has to do everything around here if anything is going to get done. Above all, world-building is not technically necessary. It is the great clomping foot of nerdism. It is the attempt to exhaustively survey a place that isn't there.”

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