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Marc Jacobs quotes and sayings page 9 (61 year old designer). Here's quote # 81 through 90 out of the 98 we have for him.

“I'm someone who came to Paris as a teenager, and I dreamed of coming back to Paris as a visitor. I never dreamed of having a job at the biggest luxury house in Paris and, you know, 15 odd years later, I'm still here.”
Marc Jacobs Quotes
“We don't design by calculator or by demographics or anything like that. We really are a group of creative, sensitive people. We have our charmed little world where we get to make things. We're really lucky.”
Marc Jacobs Quotes
“I love attention.”
“I'm useless at staring at a piece of white paper. But if you put a piece of white paper with a black line on it in front of me, I'll say no that black line should be red and it should go this way or that way.”
Marc Jacobs Quotes
“I believe that anything can be for men or women. I mean, I've worn a lace dress before!”
Marc Jacobs Quotes
“My opinion about myself is so based on what other people think of me.”
Marc Jacobs Quotes
“Sephora's business is really smart and clever - I'm all for anything that gets people up and out and into the social experience of shopping.”
Marc Jacobs Quotes
“We want to do sweaters for dogs and call it 'Bark Jacobs.' If it works, great. If it doesn't, we'll drop it and do something different.”
“I never cared about buying things for myself, like clothes. And then all of a sudden I realized how great it is to be very precise about the shirts that I wear and all the things that are a part of my closet. So the ritual of fashion and shopping became very personal to me.”
“As far back as I can remember, I had an interest in fashion. I used to go to sleepaway camp, and they'd provide a list of things that you had to bring, and I always wanted to be a bit more creative than the list allowed. Like, if they required chinos, I wanted to hand-paint them.”

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