Nathaniel Rich Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Nathaniel Rich quotes and sayings (novelist).

“I live in New Orleans, because it's the strangest city in the United States. It has the highest murder rate in the country, the highest incarceration rate, and often we have to boil our drinking water, but there's nowhere else remotely like it.”
Nathaniel Rich Quotes
“There is something fascinating about every human being. The question is how much they're willing to divulge.”
Nathaniel Rich Quotes
“I try to write 1,000 words. Some people say it's not about the quantity but about the quality. I disagree. You need to write a lot in order to figure out what's good and what's crap.”
Nathaniel Rich Quotes
“Criticism always seemed to me a lot like police work. You look for clues, fingerprints, motives. You need to construct an airtight case.”
Nathaniel Rich Quotes
“I studied literature and Italian at Yale. I wrote my thesis about Italo Svevo, one of my heroes.”
Nathaniel Rich Quotes
“In my experience, scientists are not always the most socially adjusted people, and may have habits and fascinations outside of their work that others might consider odd.”

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