Olivier Megaton Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Olivier Megaton quotes and sayings page 2 (55 year old director). These are the last 4 out of 14 quotes we have for him.

Olivier Megaton Quotes
“When you write a script, you always think about what your heart is asking.”
Olivier Megaton Quotes
“Especially on 'Taken,' 'Taken' was not a big success the day of its release. It was released in France first, and it didn't do bad, but not as good as it did in the U.S.”
“I never wanted to be a director. I came into this industry by the little door, so I never learned anything; I never went to school. Actors will tell you I'm very precise. I just have the intuition of doing things.”
“When you make a movie, you really have to be clever and smart, find something new for the worldwide audience because you aren't making a movie for just France or Germany; it's for everyone in the world.”

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