Ranulph Fiennes Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Ranulph Fiennes quotes and sayings. He's a 78 year old British explorer born on Mar 17, 1944.

“No one will pay you for planning an expedition at first: you have to work in pubs at weekends so you can pay the gas bills. I joined the Territorial Army, which paid me when I turned up to drill nights, and so did my wife.”
Ranulph Fiennes Quotes
“I go on expeditions for the same reason an estate agent sells houses - to pay the bills.”
Ranulph Fiennes Quotes
“While I was serving, I worked as an adventure training officer, teaching soldiers how to ski, canoe and climb.”
Ranulph Fiennes Quotes
“As a rule, anything that is pretty you avoid when on an expedition in the polar extremes. Normally anything other than white means a hazard such as a crevasse.”
Ranulph Fiennes Quotes
“Rivalry is one of the factors pushing me. While my back was turned, the Norwegians managed to achieve the first Arctic crossing in winter. I didn't want the same to happen in the Antarctic.”

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