Raquel Welch Quotes & Sayings (Page 4)

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Raquel Welch quotes and sayings page 4 (81 year old actress). Here's quote # 31 through 40 out of the 46 we have for her.

Raquel Welch Quotes
“People do stop me and talk to me about something they saw that they loved. It is very satisfying, but I have my own opinions.”
Raquel Welch Quotes
“Without women to nurture in this world, how do - how do men get by? How do children get by? How does society get by at all?”
“A lot of times, I would play a lot of roles a man would play. In 'One Million Years B.C.' - yes, the costume was revealing. But I was outdoors all the time. I was fighting to survive; there was a girl fight. I was participating; it was physical, and I was independent. I wasn't that pushover kind of a girl. And I think that left an impression.”
“I am 5 ft 6 in, and at my peak, my vital statistics were 37-22-35. I didn't even think about my weight - but now I work hard at keeping healthy. Fortunately, my husband Richie is as much of a fitness buff as I am.”
“I don't feel like, unless I have a boyfriend or somebody to march down the aisle with for the fifth time, that I'm 'Oh, poor me.' I'm not going to go running out desperately looking, making myself crazy and thinking that, without that, I'm nothing.”
Raquel Welch Quotes
“I felt like, you know, my presence in the world of cinema had a different meaning than Meryl Streep... There was an impact that was made, but it wasn't the usual.”
Raquel Welch Quotes
“I found out a long time ago that if I indulged by stuffing my face with great food, lying about reading books and watching TV or talking on the phone, I was not a happy camper.”
“I'd taken the bull by the horns by liberating myself and creating a career. It took guts - it was scary and chancy - but they discounted me as empty-headed: some little piece of fluff without any brain that happened to come along.”
Raquel Welch Quotes
“I'm a hard worker, very driven, and have never expected anything to come easily. My yoga, a great rejuvenator, helped me to live down my image - this sex symbol thing. It helps me connect with myself.”
“My family was very conservative, and I had a traditional upbringing. I was not brought up to be a sex symbol, nor is it in my nature to be one. The fact that I became one is probably the loveliest, most glamorous and fortunate misunderstanding.”

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