Regina Hall Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Regina Hall quotes and sayings. She's a 53 year old American actress born on Dec 12, 1970.

“I used to live in the Bronx, then I lived uptown on 106th St. and Broadway, and finally I moved to Harlem right before it became gentrified. I lived on 120th St. between Fifth and Lenox Aves. in a little brownstone. I knew the neighborhood was changing when they started putting trees in the middle of the block.”
Regina Hall Quotes
“I miss New York terribly. There is no place like the city. I miss people-watching. I miss the nightlife. I miss the food. There are so many options in New York City.”
Regina Hall Quotes
“Sometimes I make myself laugh, but that's because I appreciate my sense of humor.”
Regina Hall Quotes
“'Scary Movie' is very broad, and the reality is extreme.”
Regina Hall Quotes
“I've always loved shows like '48 Hours' and 'Dateline,' and I've always been passionate about getting to the truth, and journalism.”

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