Robert Redford Quotes & Sayings (Page 5)

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Robert Redford quotes and sayings page 5 (86 year old actor). Here's quote # 41 through 50 out of the 90 we have for him.

Robert Redford Quotes
“I think that people should be paying a lot more attention to other issues, rather than who's the top 10 this or... who's the sexiest or the most beautiful.”
“I've been able to carve out spaces for myself. At Sundance, I'm in the mountains - my property is private. I get on a horse and ride for three, four hours. Sometimes five. I get lost. But when I'm in, I'm in.”
Robert Redford Quotes
“The focus of entertainment is taking away from what the public needs as news. I think investigative journalism will always be important and always find its way, be it on the Internet or wherever.”
“When people start thinking of you more as a persona, they are less inclined to allow you to move into different areas. Sometimes they're wrong. Sometimes they're just very stereotypical or restricted in their own thinking of what they'll allow you to do.”
“If you want to slice into America, it's pretty red, white, and blue in terms of how it goes about things, but there's a gray area there, and I've always been interested in where things are complicated.”
Robert Redford Quotes
“I think independent filmmakers, documentary filmmakers - they are journalists.”
“Usually I like to improvise. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the piece, I like to improvise because I think it brings certain freshness and a reality to it, as long as it doesn't go too far out of the box.”
Robert Redford Quotes
“Never revisit the past, that's dangerous. You know, move on.”
Robert Redford Quotes
“It's an honor putting art above politics. Politics can be seductive in terms of things reductive to the soul.”
“Whereas money is a means to an end for a filmmaker, to the corporate mind money is the end. Right now, I think independent film is very confused, because there's excess pressure in the marketplace for entertainment to pay off.”

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