Robert Smith Quotes & Sayings (Page 5)

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Robert Smith quotes and sayings page 5 (65 year old musician). Here's quote # 41 through 50 out of the 97 we have for him.

Robert Smith Quotes
“I despise people who revel in the ignorance of not being able to play their instrument.”
Robert Smith Quotes
“I don't want The Cure to fizzle out doing 45-minute shows of greatest hits. That would be awful for our legacy.”
Robert Smith Quotes
“I'm not a morose person; it's just that my best songs reflect on the sadder aspects of life.”
“People think it's funny that I enjoy dreaming so much. I just use it as a form of entertainment. It's very private. I don't see my dreams as separate. I mean, half the time I'm wandering around dreaming anyway.”
Robert Smith Quotes
“The idea of appealing to people of a like mind and like spirit always appealed to me.”
“Both me and my wife's extended family all live within a 50-mile radius. Like me, a lot of them did time in London then started drifting back to the countryside and the sea. Perhaps it's a homing instinct.”
Robert Smith Quotes
“If you acquiesce to one interview, there's always another waiting in the wings. Also if you're interviewed repeatedly, you just start repeating yourself. I don't like to do that.”
“The very first concert I ever went to on my own was actually Rory Gallagher. In a one-month period in 1973 or '74, I saw him, Thin Lizzy and the Rolling Stones. I wasn't really a big Rory Gallagher fan, but I thought his guitar playing was fabulous. But Thin Lizzy, they were fabulous.”
“For a period in the '90s, I felt that the Cure was massively undervalued. But there has been a paradigm shift. There's a bunch of newer bands coming up who've grown up listening to the Cure and don't understand that you're not supposed to like us.”
Robert Smith Quotes
“I hardly ever listen to any of our old stuff now. Once the songs have been recorded and put on to vinyl they become someone else's entertainment, not mine.”

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