Samira Wiley Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Samira Wiley quotes and sayings. She's a 35 year old American actress born on Apr 15, 1987.

Samira Wiley Quotes
“When you're in prison, the progress of the outside world doesn't necessarily translate inside prison walls. You don't have any rights; it just doesn't progress along the same timeline.”
Samira Wiley Quotes
“I really wanted to work with Kate Mulgurew and Natasha Lyonne.”
Samira Wiley Quotes
“I'm a big lover of Shakespeare. In fact, the only plays that I've ever done professionally in New York have been Shakespearian.”
Samira Wiley Quotes
“The way it works at Julliard is that you just perform with people who are in your own class.”
“I come from a theater background, and if you're doing a play, your audience is right there, and you're able to have that one-on-one experience. Doing more TV now, when fans come up to me on the street and talk to me on social media, that's a way to bridge that gap.”
“I never want to pigeonhole myself or get typecast. I'm looking forward to my career and showing all of my range as an actress, and I'm looking at other mediums, too. I'm a theater actress first. And I cannot wait to return to the stage.”

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