Samuel Larsen Quotes & Sayings

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28 most famous Samuel Larsen quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 30 year old American actor born on Aug 28, 1991.

Samuel Larsen Quotes
“I love the color pink. It makes a bold statement.”
Samuel Larsen Quotes
“Three of my tattoos can be considered spiritual or faithful.”
Samuel Larsen Quotes
“I think anyone taken out of their comfort zone and put somewhere else will change.”
Samuel Larsen Quotes
“One of the biggest things I learned was that it's OK to be nervous and admit that you're having a hard time.”
Samuel Larsen Quotes
“I'm a Christian, and I'm not judgmental towards anyone. I think that's really important.”
Samuel Larsen Quotes
“The good thing is I didn't feel like anyone was going to judge me on 'Glee.'”
“'Glee Project' and 'Glee' have the same spirit, but they're both harder in their own ways. With 'Glee Project,' there's more pressure because you're being judged in everything you do. When you film 'Glee,' you go to the studio and have an off day, and it's OK - you're still going to be there; you take as many chances as you need.”
“I think it's funny because on 'Glee Project,' there's that added pressure, but with 'Glee,' there's no element of competition. No one's trying to dance better than anyone. But there's that added pressure of, 'So many people are going to watch 'Glee' this week. If I don't nail this dance, I look like an idiot.'”
“Some of the craziest people I know, some of the coolest guys I know who party and go crazy and play rock shows and have tons of tattoos, they will still go to church on Sunday and do their best to live that kind of a life.”
“There aren't a whole lot of things I want out of life. My bucket list is extremely short: Achieve the success in the industry I want, and get married. If I achieve both of those, I can die completely stoked. I don't need anything else.”

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