T. J. Thyne Quotes & Sayings

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9 most famous T. J. Thyne quotes and sayings (actor).

T. J. Thyne Quotes
“The opportunity to be a storyteller is the greatest thing in the world, and I feel so lucky and really love it.”
T. J. Thyne Quotes
“I'm more a fan of my fans than I think they are of me!”
T. J. Thyne Quotes
“I was always active, always running and working out. I was a wrestler and ran track and, out of interest, started boxing. It's always been a part of me.”
T. J. Thyne Quotes
“I did theatre all my life and then went into the film world. I then kind of segued into TV land, which is a different experience.”
T. J. Thyne Quotes
“I love to act. And oh-so-love telling stories through film as an actor. Even on my 'days off.'”
“Actors only have our bodies, voices, and the text. So I think actors need to have a fit and in-tune body. I was always very disciplined in wanting to have that. That's one of my favorite things - playing a role with a physical requirement.”
“I don't have a trainer. I have what I call 'the poor man's workout and the rich man's diet.' I run for 1 hour every day and do 500 sit-ups and 1000 crunches, and I lift weights at the Y for 28 bucks a month, even if it's 3 in the morning.”
“I think the people who probably have it the best are the people on cable like on 'Entourage', 'the Sopranos', etc. who have 13 episodes per season and breaks to do films and theatre. I think that's the most ideal life.”
T. J. Thyne Quotes
“We actors have it pretty easy and pretty hard. Easy 'cause we have a meal provided to us every 6 hours every day and craft services. The hard part is staying fit under those circumstances.”

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