Tamala Jones Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Tamala Jones quotes and sayings page 2 (49 year old actress). These are the last 3 out of 13 quotes we have for her.

Tamala Jones Quotes
“I can go into a restaurant; I might have to go a few times, taste something, love it and figure out exactly what is in there, and go home and duplicate it.”
“I definitely love 'Camelot.' It's my favorite show. I'm a big 'True Blood' fan. I love 'American Idol,' and I love my girl J-Lo. The rest are my homework shows: 'Forensic Files,' 'Dr. G. Medical Examiner,' 'The First 48.'”
“I hid the fact that I had an aneurysm for a very long time. I was embarrassed, and I just felt like no one needed to know because it made me look weak. Who would of thought someone my age, at 23, had a brain aneurysm?”

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