Thalia Quotes & Sayings (Page 10)

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Thalia quotes and sayings page 10 (52 year old musician). These are the last 3 out of 93 quotes we have for her.

Thalia Quotes
“To me, a big crossover was what happened to me years ago, like bringing my music in Spanish to Europe, or Asia. To me, that's a crossover because Spanish is not a language that everybody talks.”
Thalia Quotes
“When you get into the third or fourth generation of Latino immigrants to the United States, you see the kids speaking more English than Spanish, and it's important that we don't lose our identity, our language.”
“Women right now kind of have this idea of success - putting your career first and then having kids. On one side, it's perfect and it's a great plan, but on the other side, they don't explain to you that after age 35, you start losing eggs.”

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