Troy Dumais Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Troy Dumais quotes and sayings page 2 (44 year old athlete). These are the last 7 out of 17 quotes we have for him.

Troy Dumais Quotes
“Today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. I'm just going to enjoy it.”
Troy Dumais Quotes
“Ultimately if the body is in tune, most likely the mind is in tune.”
Troy Dumais Quotes
“When I take a break for a week, it takes me three weeks to get back to where I was.”
Troy Dumais Quotes
“You can't make up for something you lost.”
Troy Dumais Quotes
“My mom worked for a doctor who had a pool that he heated to 90 degrees, and I hated cold water. My dad showed me how to dive in that pool, and pretty soon I started doing flips.”
“Whatever that day has given, you have to make it the best of the best. That's one thing I've learned over my years. On days when you can't make everything what you want, do what you do best, make it as positive as possible, and go from there. Learn from your mistakes.”
“You only get so much time to do something that you enjoy or love to do. If you can continue doing it, you might as well, because I don't want to live in regret. I don't want to be the person sitting behind a desk, wondering, 'Did I do it right, did I finish it off, did I really give it my all?'”

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