Wael Ghonim Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Wael Ghonim quotes and sayings (activist).

Wael Ghonim Quotes
“I am not a hero, O.K.? I am not a hero. I am a very ordinary person.”
“The transition from dictatorship to democracy is always very difficult, and if you read a history of any country that went through this, it wasn't easy. And, you know, you don't end dictatorship one day and next day you have fully fledged democracy.”
Wael Ghonim Quotes
“I'm married to an American. I work for a company that is, you know, its headquarters in the U.S.”
“As an Egyptian, I was always frustrated, just like many young Egyptians, of the situation in the country. And to a large extent, we didn't know what could we do. And looking at Khaled's photo after his death; basically I just felt that we are all Khaled Said.”
“The last thing I would do to this country is to even put my personal interests about the country's interest. I have never done that in my life, and I will never do it because I, you know, I was brought up as a very patriotic Egyptian, and this is not just going to happen.”

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