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4 most famous Warren Kole quotes and sayings. He's a 43 year old American actor born on Sep 23, 1977.

“I was a sophomore in college, and I did an industrial video about how to use the Internet - that dates me! It was with John Turturro, somehow they had gotten John Turturro to do this thing, and I was so excited and so nervous I probably drank 10 cups of coffee that morning.”
Warren Kole Quotes
“I think I'm at a place where I haven't really been encountered by anyone overtly strange. But people think they know me.”
Warren Kole Quotes
“I never wanted to give up my given name. I'm proud of it, but the only problem was that no one remembered it. It was just a little too awkward, and they mispronounced it so frequently.”
“The ironic thing is I took Kole from a family name - we had a vote and they had a few names, but Kole won - and getting it spelled with a 'K' is a constant correction, too. I'll never not be Warren Blosjo; it's just my stage name.”

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