Amy Nuttall Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Amy Nuttall quotes and sayings. She's a 39 year old English actress born on Jun 7, 1982.

Amy Nuttall Quotes
“When I was younger I used to want to own a sweet shop so I could eat sweets all day, but that dream died a long time ago.”
Amy Nuttall Quotes
“I'm not a negative person, but every role I go for I don't think I'll get.”
Amy Nuttall Quotes
“My dad likes to take the mickey out of me for saying everything is 'amazing.'”
“I definitely want to be a mum. Lots of my friends are having babies, but I don't know quite when to do it. My mum says, 'There's never a right time; you've just got to get on with it'.”
Amy Nuttall Quotes
“If you want to be taken seriously and gain credibility, you really do have to try and write yourself. I don't want to do an album of covers and stuff.”

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