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28 most famous Austin Mahone quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 26 year old American musician born on Apr 4, 1996.

“Music is my life. I love doing it, so I just do it nonstop all day. And with dancing, I wanted to put on a show for people. I don't want to just be sitting there doing nothing, so that's when I started to dance.”
“A lot of people have said that I'm trying to be like Justin Bieber by wearing a hat all the time. But the truth is, I don't like the way my hair looks. It's kind of weird, so I wear a hat all the time to cover it. I've been doing it since I was thirteen.”
“I like girls that have a nice smile and nice eyes. I want to date a girl who understands my busy schedule and that I have to be on tour a lot. And she has to make me laugh!”
Austin Mahone Quotes
“If I see my fans crying, I just want to give them a hug... and tell them I love them.”
“When I'm 18, I can finally order that paid programming stuff on TV. Like it always says, 'Must be 18 or older to call,' so I'll be able to call! I can finally buy some blenders from the TV.”
Austin Mahone Quotes
“I think that it's important to have good people around you, like my friends.”
Austin Mahone Quotes
“I would say my dream collaboration would probably have to be with Drake. I think he is an amazing artist.”
Austin Mahone Quotes
“Coming from my bedroom in San Antonio to this big world and going from singing covers off my laptop to making music in this nice studio, making professional-sounding music - it's just weird.”
Austin Mahone Quotes
“I told my fans online how I hated my squeaky office chair. One day, a fan sent me a new chair. It was crazy! I still use the chair today. Pretty awesome.”
Austin Mahone Quotes
“I think it's important to update my fans on what I'm doing and where I'm going next and when my next single is going to drop and my album.”

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