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“Privacy is relational. It depends on the audience. You don't want your employer to know you're job hunting. You don't spill all about your love life to your mom or your kids. You don't tell trade secrets to your rivals.”
“I doubt there's any government in the world that guides itself primarily by strategy or conceptual documents or worldview. Anybody who has the reins of power has to look at practical limitations and tradeoffs - the fact that you can focus at most on one or two things at a time, that resources are limited.”
Barton Gellman Quotes
“Some misunderstandings are hard to cure.”
“Cloud services cut both ways in terms of security: you get off-site backup and disaster recovery, but you entrust your secrets to somebody else's hands. Doing the latter increases your exposure to government surveillance and the potential for deliberate or inadvertent breaches of your confidential files.”
Barton Gellman Quotes
“The surveillance of ordinary people is far greater than I would have imagined and far greater than the American public has been able to debate.”
“Everyone and his Big Brother wants to log your browsing habits, the better to build a profile of who you are and how you live your life - online and off. Search engine companies offer a benefit in return: more relevant search results. The more they know about you, the better they can tailor information to your needs.”
Barton Gellman Quotes
“In the field of biological weapons, there is almost no prospect of detecting a pathogen until it has been used in an attack.”
Barton Gellman Quotes
“Activists and geeks, standing together, are demonstrating powers beyond the reach of government control.”
Barton Gellman Quotes
“The NSA's business is 'information dominance,' the use of other people's secrets to shape events.”
Barton Gellman Quotes
“It no longer counts as remarkable that Egyptians organized their uprising on social media.”

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