Ben Mendelsohn Quotes & Sayings

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11 most famous Ben Mendelsohn quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 53 year old Australian actor born on Apr 3, 1969.

Ben Mendelsohn Quotes
“As an outsider in America, you do see the kind of hypocrisy that's rampant there.”
Ben Mendelsohn Quotes
“I've spent various periods of my career being thought of as various things, various degrees of substance and ideas.”
Ben Mendelsohn Quotes
“You can certainly extend your adolescence. There's people that are very good at extending it indefinitely.”
“At 15 I had moved out of my parents' place, and my options were looking pretty narrow. But I had this acting thing and I just wanted to be able to keep going because it was really good. That was all I wanted.”
“One of the things that I found very confronting in my early working life was that people thought I was some sensitive doe-eyed lovelorn boy, because they'd seen me do that a couple of times. What tends to happen is you get a run of similar roles.”
Ben Mendelsohn Quotes
“Acting is a bit of a heart and soul exercise with me. It's kind of all I've got.”
Ben Mendelsohn Quotes
“There's very little different between the way the government operates in America and the way criminals do.”
“I mean, there's a sense wherein you skip a part of childhood, too, when you start working at that age I did; I was out working and out of home at 15, paying my own way in the world.”
Ben Mendelsohn Quotes
“I think now there's much more of a confessional culture. That's not my bag. I come from a slightly older school of thought: 'give 'em nothin.' You don't plead guilty.”
“I think there's a lot of mythos about what's required in acting. The way that actors talk about acting is generally quite punishing, and I think actors want to put forward the idea that they do all of this work because, you know, it's a post-De Niro world, when, largely, in fact, it's almost never true.”

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