Bonnie Somerville Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Bonnie Somerville quotes and sayings. She's a 49 year old American actress born on Feb 24, 1974.

“Every year there's five cop shows, five medical shows and five 'Law & Orders,' but when it's a show about women, they want to pit everyone against each other. I don't think they'd do that if it was a guy show. I think there's room for all of us.”
Bonnie Somerville Quotes
“Any history buffs, people who like religion, suspense and mystery mixed with history, or anyone who likes 'The Da Vinci Code,' needs to read Ken Follett.”
Bonnie Somerville Quotes
“I grew up in a family of firemen and cops.”
Bonnie Somerville Quotes
“My mom took me to see 'Annie' on Broadway when I was little, and I just wanted to be doing what those girls were doing.”
Bonnie Somerville Quotes
“Women do love each other; this whole women-against-each other, 'Dynasty' thing... we're not all after each other.”

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