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Bono quotes and sayings page 12 (62 year old musician). These are the last 9 out of 119 quotes we have for him.

“What really turns me on about technology is not just the ability to get more songs on MP3 players. The revolution - this revolution - is much bigger than that. I hope, I believe. What turns me on about the digital age, what excites me personally, is that you have closed the gap between dreaming and doing.”
Bono Quotes
“Technology is huge; I wanted to learn about it. People might say that's odd, but I think it's odd if artists aren't interested in the world around them. I'm always chasing that.”
“I have learned to interface - what I think would be the contemporary term - with various different lexicons, and people speak very different languages. I've learned to speak in a lot of tongues, and I can live with the bellicose language of some fervent, fire-breathing Christians, sure.”
Bono Quotes
“I get to hear the really good or the really bad things in the press, but I don't read it. I can afford to say that because public opinion does not drive U2's audience.”
Bono Quotes
“U2 was involved in Live Aid, and I ended up going to Ethiopia and working there for some time with my wife, Ali.”
Bono Quotes
“I think 'Invisible' is a great song, but I don't know how accessible it is.”
Bono Quotes
“I'm home a lot. Because I live in Ireland, we can live under the celebrity radar. I might go missing for a whole year.”
Bono Quotes
“Hanging out with politicians and corporations is very unhip work. But I think that the U2 audience have turned out to be incredibly subtle in their understanding.”
“As a musician and a songwriter, it is an act of the ego to believe that other people might be interested in your point of view. But it is usually an empathetic nature that gets you going in the first place. Music keeps the heart porous in many ways.”

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