Cam Newton Quotes & Sayings

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23 most famous Cam Newton quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 33 year old American athlete born on May 11, 1989.

Cam Newton Quotes
“I. Hate. Excuses. Excuses are a disease.”
Cam Newton Quotes
“Control what you can control. Don't lose sleep worrying about things that you don't have control over because, at the end of the day, you still won't have any control over them.”
“Music can bring about different vibes on the field, off the field, urban life, going to church, leaving church. Everything the world may bring, there's a song for it to put you in the right frame of mind.”
“I grew up trying to be like my idols, and one of the main people in my life was my father. He played football, and when your father is telling stories about the game he played... Everybody wants to be like their father.”
“What happens when you take a lion out of the safari and try to take him to your place of residence and make him a house pet? It ain't going to happen. That's the type of person that I am. I'm that lion.”
Cam Newton Quotes
“I'm an example of why people deserve second chances.”
“In college, you had to worry about that math class or this exam that's coming up on Tuesday, but not in the professionals. You eat, sleep, and do everything related to your craft - and your craft is football. You can be at it from sunup to sundown.”
“I pray for discretion every single night, that I can see through people, see what their greater good is. Sometimes that individual 'wows' you by the eye, but when it come to heart to heart, that person's not there for you. That's not just females. That may be friends, people who come into your life just to use you for who you are.”
Cam Newton Quotes
“The quarterback is an extension of the coach and has a certain type of swagger mentality, on and off the field.”
Cam Newton Quotes
“I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon.”

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