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“I had more friends on my hockey team than I did on my soccer team. I might have been better at soccer, to be honest. But I think it was more the friendship, and my family was more of a hockey family than a soccer family, so when I had to make a decision, I tried hockey, and it turned out to be a good decision.”
Carl Hagelin Quotes
“There are guys out there faster than me.”
“For guys who are into fitness, I think it's important to wear slim-fit stuff that is pretty tight so they can show off the bodies they have been working hard to have. Women are going to appreciate that.”
“Being surrounded by hockey, I got forced into it as a kid. I started skating when I was 4 and had a rink only 10 minutes from my home. In my town, we had one outdoor rink and one indoor rink, so you could skate all year long. I lived by a lake, too, so we did a lot of skating on the lake.”
Carl Hagelin Quotes
“I like to wear tight jeans. Most of my stuff is pretty slim fit.”
Carl Hagelin Quotes
“I think I always just want to get better at whatever I'm doing... Always strive for excellence.”
Carl Hagelin Quotes
“As a hockey player, playing for an Original Six team at Madison Square Garden, where it's packed every night, there's nothing like it.”
Carl Hagelin Quotes
“Hair wax is my go-to. When it comes to shampoo, I use whatever is at the rink.”
“I went to hockey camp at Michigan because my dad has some relatives in the Ann Arbor area. We went to visit them as kids, and you start to learn the language from being around people. At the same time, when I got to college, I thought my English was better than it really was. I learned a lot over my four years.”
Carl Hagelin Quotes
“There's always pressure playing in the NHL. You want to play your best game every game. Expectations are always gonna be there; it's just important that you know how to handle expectations.”

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