Catherine Mary Stewart Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Catherine Mary Stewart quotes and sayings page 2 (63 year old actress). These are the last 6 out of 16 quotes we have for her.

Catherine Mary Stewart Quotes
“I love acting, and ultimately all my characters are very different, and each character I love in a different way.”
“Angie Dickinson in 'Hollywood Wives' took me under her wing. If you look at that cast, I was definitely an 'outcast'... so to speak. Most of them were of the same era, or just so much more experienced that I was.”
“Both TV and movies seem to be produced in a more similar way as time goes on. It used to be that movies were much bigger productions on every level and took much longer to shoot. I liked that. But with the advent of digital, everything can be done much quicker and cheaper, and that seems to be the goal of most movies and TV these days.”
Catherine Mary Stewart Quotes
“New York is a great place to be as an unrepresented actor because there are so many 'open auditions' that you can show up for without being submitted by an agent.”
Catherine Mary Stewart Quotes
“Robert Preston in 'The Last Starfighter' had an aura. It was almost a surreal experience meeting him. He exuded charm, warmth and that movie star magnetism that is impossible to describe.”
“'The Last Starfighter' was the first movie I did in the U.S. It was an absolute joy to be a part of it. 'Night of the Comet' was a labor of love. Truly a collaborative effort. I am eternally grateful for the experiences.”

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