Charles Albert Gobat Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Charles Albert Gobat quotes and sayings (lawyer).

Charles Albert Gobat Quotes
“Compulsory arbitration is a practical instrument of pacification and, as such, it can and should be enacted by the Hague Conference.”
Charles Albert Gobat Quotes
“No government, no head of state, made any attempt to avert or arrest the Boer War.”
“If we examine the Hague Convention carefully, we see that it considers the offer of good offices a duty of every nation. In other words, such offers should be made whenever a dispute becomes critical and threatens to explode into war.”
“It is highly probable that in most cases, war could be avoided or ended. For discussions allow passion to subside, and to persuade alienated neighbors, or at least one of them, to listen to the voice of a conciliator is a step in the direction of peace.”
“It is true that I am not one of those who laugh at utopias. The utopia of today can become the reality of tomorrow. Utopias are conceived by optimistic logic which regards constant social and political progress as the ultimate goal of human endeavor; pessimism would plunge a hopeless mankind into a fresh cataclysm.”
“Ordinary citizens are obliged and, if need be, compelled by force to meet their commitments. But let higher obligations of an international order be involved, and governments repudiate them, more often than not with a disdainful shrug of the shoulders.”

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