Christian de Portzamparc Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Christian de Portzamparc quotes and sayings (architect).

Christian de Portzamparc Quotes
“An architect must remember that the people working or living in his building need space - to dream, to be quiet, to find beauty somewhere.”
“We need to rediscover the essence of the meaning of 'the use.' Architecture is, above all, here for a better living. Every gesture, every shape must be justified by various reasons that would reinforce their reason to be, their use, and will give more sense to their beauty.”
Christian de Portzamparc Quotes
“When I am true to my inspiration, even fight for my design, the project always turns out well.”
“In the '60s when I was a student, there was this campaign to destroy 75 percent of the old buildings in Paris, replacing them with modern architecture. I realized this as a dangerous utopia. This modern vision did not understand the richness of the city. Thankfully, such destruction did not happen.”
Christian de Portzamparc Quotes
“Architecture has a strong link with the movies in terms of time progression, sequencing, framing, all of that.”
“When I was 18, I lived in Greenwich Village, New York, for nine months. At that time, I wanted to change the world, not through architecture, but through painting. I lived the artist's life, mingling with poets and writers, and working as a waiter. I was intrigued by the aliveness of the city.”

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