Colton Haynes Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Colton Haynes quotes and sayings page 2 (35 year old actor). These are the last 5 out of 15 quotes we have for him.

“I think there's something about supernatural shows that people see and just want to put me in them! I don't know. I just finished another show - 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King,' with Skyler Samuels, who was my girlfriend in 'The Gates' - and I play another supernatural character on that show.”
“The trick is after a workout you're supposed to have gummy bears or some candy to get your veins to stick out. Of course, it's all about protein, too, but right before you're filming a shirtless scene, you have a little bit of sugar to pop the veins.”
Colton Haynes Quotes
“Spin class is the best for your core!”
Colton Haynes Quotes
“I used to do a lot of yoga, but I tend to lose a lot of weight when I do that.”
“Unfortunately, diet is 75 or 80 percent of trying to get in shape, so you do have to try to cut the carbs. The diet's a huge part! I'm from Kansas, so I love ranch dressing and McDonald's. When I'm working, I have to stay away from all that!”

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