Damian Marley Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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Damian Marley quotes and sayings page 3 (43 year old musician). These are the last 10 out of 30 quotes we have for him.

Damian Marley Quotes
“I record all night and sleep all day.”
“I record all night and sleep all day. It started because you're excited about the music and you want to stay up longer, but over 15 years, it's become a habit. In my circle, I think a lot of musicians operate like this. When the place is quiet, you're more creative. I have plenty of people I can call at 4 A.M. and know they'll be up.”
“More people would recognise me in Kingston, but it's rare to go on the road and not get recognised by someone. The problem now is everyone has a camera in their pocket, on their cell phone - at the airport it's difficult to get from point A to point B without taking half an hour because there are so many people taking pictures.”
Damian Marley Quotes
“I'm a big fan of hip-hop, so it reflects in my approach.”
Damian Marley Quotes
“Everything I've experienced, things that my friends have experienced and we talk about, things that are on the news - all aspects of life are in my message.”
Damian Marley Quotes
“The U.K. crowds always have a lot of energy, and I've done some milestone shows there that I'm very proud of.”
Damian Marley Quotes
“One of the first albums that I remember, rap albums I remember really listening to, was LL Cool J 'Mama Said Knock You Out.'”
“Being Bob Marley's son has done many things for me, in terms of having a career in music. I'm very proud of my music, and I'm very proud of where I'm from. People hear that I'm Bob Marley's son, and they turn on my music to listen just out of curiosity.”
“Coming where I'm coming from, really, my family name isn't a pressure because, you know, music is not like sports, where you can go and do a hundred reps in a gym and come out and be all buffed up. Music is an expression of what's inside of you. And that's how I make music.”
Damian Marley Quotes
“I used to buy records in high school. Mainly dancehall: Super Cat, Buju Banton.”

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