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Daniel Ek quotes and sayings page 2 (businessman). These are the last 8 out of 18 quotes we have.

Daniel Ek Quotes
“People just want to have access to all of the world's music.”
Daniel Ek Quotes
“With Spotify, people don't get it until they try it. Then they tell their friends.”
“I had two passions growing up - one was music, one was technology. I tried to play in a band for a while, but I was never talented enough to make it. And I started companies. One day came along and I decided to combine the two - and there was Spotify.”
Daniel Ek Quotes
“It disturbed me that the music industry had gone down the drain, even though people were listening to more music than ever and from a greater diversity of artists.”
“There are half a billion people that listen to music online and the vast majority are doing so illegally. But if we bring those people over to the legal side and Spotify, what is going to happen is we are going to double the music industry and that will lead to more artists creating great new music.”
Daniel Ek Quotes
“There are millions of people who consume music illegally every month. Just getting them into a legal service will make the music industry way bigger than it's ever been before.”
Daniel Ek Quotes
“This is a way for artists to communicate directly to their fans. If you think of an artist like Bruno Mars, he's using Spotify, creating playlists and listening to music through it.”
“Music isn't like news, where it's what happened five minutes ago or even 10 seconds ago that matters. With music, a song from the 1960s could be as relevant to someone today as the latest Ke$ha song.”

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