Dave Madden Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Dave Madden quotes and sayings. He was an American actor who passed away on 16 January, 2014.

Dave Madden Quotes
“I found fame to be somewhat of a prison. The more famous you were, the smaller the cell that you had to live in.”
“I wish I could look back and say, 'OK here was a T.V. show or a movie that I thought was so perfect for me', or, 'I did such a good job that if I died tomorrow at least I could say I left that as my legacy.' But there isn't anything that falls into that category.”
Dave Madden Quotes
“Fame was not at all what it was cracked up to be, as far as I was concerned.”
Dave Madden Quotes
“I never did anything as an actor that I was extremely proud of.”
Dave Madden Quotes
“I try not to look back on my career.”

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