David Brin Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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David Brin Quotes
“But honestly, if you do a rigorous survey of my work, I'll bet you'll find that biology is a theme far more often than physical science.”
David Brin Quotes
“Above all, TRIBES is fun, and even kind of sexy... in that every round features an Opportunity for Reproduction, which is the main aim of the game, as it is in most of Nature.”
David Brin Quotes
“There's no doubt that scientific training helps many authors to write better science fiction. And yet, several of the very best were English majors who could not parse a differential equation to save their lives.”
“When I begin a book, I inevitably discover many things along the way, about the characters, their past histories and the political intrigues that surround them. This discovery process is vital, and I would not prejudice it by deciding too much in advance.”

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