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20 most famous David Christian quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 96 year old American historian born on Feb 27, 1927.

“An egg is a beautiful, sophisticated thing that can create even more sophisticated things, such as chickens. And we know in our heart of hearts that the universe does not travel from mush to complexity. In fact, this gut instinct is reflected in one of the most fundamental laws of physics, the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of entropy.”
David Christian Quotes
“Living organisms are created by chemistry. We are huge packages of chemicals.”
David Christian Quotes
“We, as extremely complex creatures, desperately need to know this story of how the universe creates complexity and why complexity means vulnerability and fragility.”
“Modern scientific knowledge appeared piecemeal. Historians wrote about human history; physicists tackled the material world; and biologists studied the world of living organisms. But there were few links between these disciplines, as researchers focused on getting the details right.”
David Christian Quotes
“Gravity is more powerful where there's more stuff.”
“I believe human beings mark a threshold in the development of the planet, of course, but it is only part of the picture. What Big History can do is show us the nature of our complexity and fragility and the dangers that face us, but it can also show us our power, with collective learning.”
“When very large stars die, they create temperatures so high that protons begin to fuse in all sorts of exotic combinations, to form all the elements of the periodic table. If, like me, you're wearing a gold ring, it was forged in a supernova explosion.”
David Christian Quotes
“If historians don't tell stories at the scales of creation myths, someone else will.”
“Humans are remarkable: the first species in almost four billion years of life on earth that dominates the biosphere. This gives us the power, in principle, to build societies in which everyone flourishes. But it also creates great dangers because it is not clear that we really understand how to use our potentially devastating powers.”
David Christian Quotes
“I had this feeling that, somehow, we ought to be teaching not just the history of particular nations or particular regions, but the history of humanity.”

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