David Henry Hwang Quotes & Sayings

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26 most famous David Henry Hwang quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 64 year old American playwright born on Aug 11, 1957.

“I'm interested in internationalism. It's the new multiculturalism. How we deal with each other isn't sufficient any more. It's about time we examine how we interact with the rest of the world we live in.”
David Henry Hwang Quotes
“Chinese culture in general is not very religious. Confucianism is more a code of ethics than a religion, and ancestor worship is a way for parents to control you even after they're dead.”
David Henry Hwang Quotes
“We all deal with failure. If you're lucky to have a long career, it's part of the experience.”
David Henry Hwang Quotes
“'Yellow Face' marks my summation of multiculturalism.”
“My first plays were amazingly bad, but I had a teacher who thought I had promise, and he kept working with me. I finally went to a summer workshop before my senior year with people like Sam Shepard and Maria Irene Fornes who encouraged me to write from my subconscious, and suddenly all this material about culture clash came out.”
David Henry Hwang Quotes
“I've studied Chinese in college, but basically, I'm not bilingual.”
David Henry Hwang Quotes
“I define the American dream as the ability to imagine a way that you want your life to turn out, and have a reasonable hope that you can achieve that.”
“I knew I was Chinese, but growing up, it never occurred to me that that had any particular implication or that it should differentiate me in any way. I thought it was a minor detail, like having red hair.”
“My new play 'Chinglish,' which will go to Broadway, is about a white American businessman who goes to a provincial capital in China, hoping to make a deal there. It's bilingual. And it's about trying to communicate across language and cultural barriers.”
“My work has always been controversial within certain segments of the Asian-American community. This is a community that is generally not represented well at all on the stage, in the media, etc. So on those few occasions when something comes along, everybody feels obligated to make sure that it represents his own point of view.”

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