David Koechner Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous David Koechner quotes and sayings. He's a 61 year old American actor born on Aug 24, 1962.

David Koechner Quotes
“Nothing trumps honesty, as far as I'm concerned.”
David Koechner Quotes
“I don't like people who don't have opinions.”
“I think I went into poli-sci because I knew there was a stage, plus I thought I wanted to help people, and I realized in poli-sci that if you want to be a politician you're either born into it, or you've got an amazing brain, which those are rare - and I don't have one.”
David Koechner Quotes
“I never sweat about work. I just assume work's coming.”
David Koechner Quotes
“I love bouncing between different genres. And comedy, obviously, is something I enjoy doing the most and I've had the most success with. But I'm open to all jobs and all genres.”

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