David O. Russell Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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David O. Russell quotes and sayings page 3 (64 year old director). These are the last 3 out of 23 quotes we have for him.

David O. Russell Quotes
“Some of Jimmy Stewart's performance in 'It's A Wonderful Life' is some of the most disturbing performance he ever did, when he falls apart and when he breaks down.”
David O. Russell Quotes
“'The Fighter' was about a family struggling to overcome and fighting each other sometimes, and I went back and rewrote this script which I had written for my son initially because my son has mood disorder.”
“What do we have in life, really? If we're lucky we get to a certain age, and we have each other. We have the food we like. We have our crazy little rituals. And we have each other.”

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