Edie Campbell Quotes & Sayings (Page 4)

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Edie Campbell quotes and sayings page 4 (30 year old model). These are the last 7 out of 37 quotes we have for her.

Edie Campbell Quotes
“I've been making a diary of the daft things people have said during London Fashion Week, and it does wear a little bit thin, everyone comparing my name to Edie Sedgwick.”
“If you always feel like an imposter, you work harder, and that makes you better at your job. You've got to keep a level of variation; otherwise, you'll end up talking about nails and beauty products all the time.”
Edie Campbell Quotes
“It's amazing to be able to work with people right at the top of whatever they do... inspiring photographers and stylists with very interesting visual language. The more I do it, the more I enjoy it.”
Edie Campbell Quotes
“Kristen Stewart always looks good - she wears what she wants. It's the same with Alison Mosshart - she chooses clothes that she loves rather than what she thinks she should wear.”
“There's a thing in the U.K., particularly in London, where it's kind of the idea of subculture and counterculture and the outside and the idea that it's great to be a freak, and the freak always wins. So I think English girls are a lot less scared of being the freak or looking like an idiot.”
Edie Campbell Quotes
“You can't really plan for how that training session or competition is going to go. You have to see what your horse is giving you to work with, and then you tailor all your training around that.”
Edie Campbell Quotes
“You'll never see me with a precision flick of eyeliner. Messy eyeliner became my thing by accident rather than design. If you can't get it straight, then just work it in around your eyes.”

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