Edward Carpenter Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Edward Carpenter quotes and sayings page 2 (activist). These are the last 7 out of 17 quotes we have.

“It is curious that, with my somewhat antinomian tendencies, I should have gone to Trinity Hall - which was, and is, before all a Law College - and should thus have been thrown into close touch with the legal element in life.”
Edward Carpenter Quotes
“We lived within two hundred yards of the sea, and its voice was in our ears night and day.”
Edward Carpenter Quotes
“IN April 1882 my father died; and I was at once whirled out of my land of dreams into a very different sphere.”
Edward Carpenter Quotes
“The other thing that happened in 1883 was my reading of Thoreau's Walden.”
Edward Carpenter Quotes
“Early in 1888 one or two of us got together to establish our own Sheffield Socialist Society.”
“I should like these few words to be read over the grave when my body is placed in the earth; for though it is possible I may be present and conscious of what is going on, I shall not be able to communicate.”
Edward Carpenter Quotes
“When he was twenty-three or twenty-four my father began to learn German and read philosophy in his spare hours, which did not look as though he were destined to remain long on board ship!”

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