Efren Ramirez Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Efren Ramirez quotes and sayings. He's a 47 year old American actor born on Oct 2, 1973.

Efren Ramirez Quotes
“In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.”
Efren Ramirez Quotes
“'Napoleon Dynamite' blew up my career.”
“For any actor, when you're playing twin brothers, you have to be able to find the similarities between them as well as creating a difference between the two characters. If they just looked the same, what would the point of that be?”
“I look at actors like Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, and Benicio Del Toro, and they play all these different characters. I'm hoping that, in my lifetime, I'll be able to look back and say, 'You know what? I did all these different characters, and I enjoyed every single film I did.'”
“It's always scary when you're doing a sequel to a film, because you don't want to just repeat the first film in a different location like most sequels. You want to do something totally different, and something that actually expands the world of the main character.”

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