Ehren Kruger Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Ehren Kruger quotes and sayings. He's a 48 year old American writer born on Oct 5, 1972.

Ehren Kruger Quotes
“The audience is smart and catch on pretty quick when they are sold the same old thing.”
Ehren Kruger Quotes
“I've watched 'Ringu' probably three or four times before writing the first draft of 'The Ring.' And then I'd seen 'Ringu 2' I think once.”
Ehren Kruger Quotes
“One of the difficult things of making a horror sequel in general is because the horror genre is so founded on surprise.”
Ehren Kruger Quotes
“The movies that will truly be successful will feel different than the movies of the year before.”
“For me, it's very easy to write a horror movie that's just a succession of scary sequences, but it's hard to find horror movies that have a genuine theme to them that are really exploring some aspect of our psychology and our fears.”
“I've worked on some movies that get put in the horror shelf on the video stores, but they're really structurally like mysteries, and not so dependent on the gore factor, so they really don't need to be R-rated movies.”

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