Eric Carr Quotes & Sayings

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8 most famous Eric Carr quotes and sayings. He was an American musician who passed away on 24 November, 1991.

Eric Carr Quotes
“I can't say why people lie; they just do. Everyone has their own reasons for not telling the truth.”
Eric Carr Quotes
“Yup, the toilet is my best friend before a show.”
“I can't wait to get out. It's been much too long, I don't like being home. I'd rather play. This tour is going to be really big. We're gonna have the biggest show we can have. It's gonna be different not like the old KISS shows.”
“I wished that I could have been down there because Paul actually wanted me to do the tour with him, but then he realized that it just wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be a solo tour anymore. It would look like just half of KISS.”
“When I was a kid, I went through a lot of musical phases, and one was when I'd learn everything that The Beatles ever recorded. After I started drums, I fell in love with their music so much that I just wanted to learn everything.”
“You know, who cares about seeing the girls when everybody wants to see the band. That's what's important, KISS is important. I think we look great, and the attitude is there, and I'm real happy with it.”
Eric Carr Quotes
“I was in one bar band from 1965 to '69, then I was in another one from 1970 to '79 - a 9-year bar band!”
Eric Carr Quotes
“There's no dancing girls. We're kinda like secondary to the thing. It's a story about these two guys that are in love with this one girl and how it unfolds and what happens.”

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