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“There is no question we need an energy policy overhaul in America. A key part of that overhaul must include moving forward aggressively with expanding nuclear energy as a renewable energy source. Storing nuclear waste is an important piece of that effort.”
Erik Paulsen Quotes
“That's been hard being away from the family, because Washington can be lonely. When you tune out of all the activity, that's like, you're alone.”
Erik Paulsen Quotes
“I just want to listen and build relationships with as many of my colleagues as possible.”
Erik Paulsen Quotes
“We need a tax code that promotes savings, investment, achievement, innovation, and hard work.”
“As Congress debates overhauling the nation's health care system, it should not authorize a reform plan that would further our financial woes. We must avoid creating an unsustainable government program. There is no question that reform is needed, but health care can be made more affordable without massive and expensive new bureaucracies.”
“College campuses are a focus of prevention efforts for meningococcal disease because of the increased incidence of the disease during adolescence and young adulthood, as well as transmission from crowded living conditions and social behaviors common among college students.”
Erik Paulsen Quotes
“Our democracy is predicated on the belief that our government should be accessible by the people. We cannot allow ourselves to give in to fear or shy away from interacting with the public.”
“The medical device tax repeal is the only proposal that had the most bipartisan votes coming out of the House and has the opportunity in the Senate to gain tractions, and it fixes a part of ObamaCare in terms of repealing an awful tax. And it's got bipartisan support.”
Erik Paulsen Quotes
“Any law can be changed, obviously, at any time.”
Erik Paulsen Quotes
“Minnesotans are ticket splitters. They look to the candidate, not the party, which is the way it should be, and that's only going to help me.”

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