Farley Mowat Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Farley Mowat quotes and sayings. He was a Canadian author who passed away on 7 May, 2014.

Farley Mowat Quotes
“We're under some gross misconception that we're a good species, going somewhere important, and that at the last minute we'll correct our errors and God will smile on us. It's delusion.”
“I write better in Cape Breton... too many people around in Ontario. Down there I meet all sorts of non-human people, but they don't bother me, and I don't feel I have to apologize on behalf of my species quite so often.”
Farley Mowat Quotes
“Without a function, we cease to be. So, I will write till I die.”
Farley Mowat Quotes
“I write every day. I'm always in the process of writing my last book, until the next one.”

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