Francois Cluzet Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Francois Cluzet quotes and sayings (actor).

“I think that in France, we really admire American films, we admire their drive, we admire the modernity and ellipsism in the film and the writing and the style of acting, and we look at them perhaps in a way to see what we can steal from them, too, to make our own films more modern.”
Francois Cluzet Quotes
“I think there's a kind of love relationship between an actor and an audience, and this is something I really feel with the audiences in France.”
Francois Cluzet Quotes
“I'm an actor who isn't fond of dialogue and who loves to act silently.”
“What's interesting for me is that I generally consider myself to be more of a physical actor, and I'm somebody that doesn't really want to use the dialogue but prefers to act through my body, and then sometimes when I have a script, I look and kind of throw away the dialogue and I just look at how I can expressive it through my body.”

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