Gayle Tzemach Lemmon Quotes & Sayings (Page 5)

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Gayle Tzemach Lemmon quotes and sayings page 5 (public servant). These are the last 2 out of 42 quotes we have.

“The majority of Afghans do not see the Americans as foreign occupiers who must be defeated. Instead, they are hungry for the Americans to step up and help them make their country safer, their government cleaner and their economy stronger. They are disappointed because the international community has done too little, not too much.”
“When the Taliban captured Kabul in 1996 after a searing, four-year civil war, they immediately instituted laws which fit their utopic vision of the time of Islam's founding more than 1,300 years earlier. Afghan women's lives offered the most visible sign of the imagined past to which Afghanistan's present was to be returned.”

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