Gina Holden Quotes & Sayings

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8 most famous Gina Holden quotes and sayings. She's a 46 year old Canadian actress born on Mar 17, 1975.

“I've been fortunate to play many different types of characters thus far. However, I really enjoy playing roles that are different than who I am personally. You can have these small fantasy worlds where you can be people you would otherwise never get to be: a doctor, a lawyer, a ruthless business woman.”
“It's hard because I seek out strong female roles. I turn down a lot of stuff, not because it's not good, but because I don't want to play certain types of characters. I don't like to just play the pretty girl.”
Gina Holden Quotes
“I absolutely love any kind of outdoor activities like snowboarding, hiking, surfing, and laying out on the beach if I ever get the time... which is not often!”
Gina Holden Quotes
“When I'm watching TV, I'm always drawn to those female characters who are doing something that I would want to do.”
“I certainly do all sorts of work. I'm very, very blessed to do drama and other types of television, and things like that, but I always go back to sci-fi, whenever possible, because that's really exciting for me.”
Gina Holden Quotes
“As far back as I can remember, I wanted to dance, sing and perform.”
Gina Holden Quotes
“Although I did end up trying out several different fields before committing to acting, I knew in the deepest part of heart that I wanted to be an actress.”
Gina Holden Quotes
“My brother is my go-to with scripts, especially when we're talking genre pieces, because I want to make sure that it's legit. I can love it, but then I pass stuff on to him.”

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